I suggest reading Flesh Petals (here) before you continue, because this post contains some spoilers.

Flesh Petals started with three lines of dialogue which were bouncing around in my head: “Maybe tonight I’ll die again.”, “Trying to postpone the morning.” and “What makes you think I am alive?”. My initial thoughts were to write a story about an intelligent zombie. That’s basically what Catherine is. She was resurrected by an agency who also continue to keep her “alive”.

The story developed into a tale of a dead woman hunting a grave robber who eats dead people. The graveyard setting is no accident. It’s significant, especially when the grave robber pushes Catherine into the open grave. It reiterates she is a walking dead. Resurrected people are public knowledge in her world, and the grave robber realised what she was.

By the end of the story I had a few unanswered questions:
What does the agency do?
Why did they resurrect Catherine?
What are the laws about resurrection in their society?
Why does she go out at night hunting deformed humans?
Does midnight hold any special meaning?
Why did she phone the other woman (Esme) before going into the graveyard?
Does Esme work for the agency?
And, does Catherine eat brains?