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Below is an extract from the campaign’s home page.

GEP’s Story

GEP was born in the early hours of a working week, to the parents of insomnia and creative freedom. It weighed a healthy ∞ imagination. Its first word was “gaga”.

Most creative people, who are not self-employed, feel the longing for creative freedom at one point in their careers. That feeling kept me up at night until I decided to put pen to paper and start GEP.

What is GEP?

GEP (Gojo Entertainment Presents) is an anthology comic book series. Each issue contains one or more short stories. The stories are all fiction and include action, adventure, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, crime, drama and super heroes.

GEP aims to keep readers entertained through the use of interesting, unique, creative and exciting stories, and excellent and varied art. It strives for continuous, good quality.

Issue 1

Issue 1 contains 3 short stories, which I wrote and illustrated. The stories are available to read on GEP’s website, and can also be purchased in digital and printed form.

Issue 2 (or “I can’t do this alone”)

If only one person contributes to a creative project then it will be creatively limited. The first issue had good stories, but the art was lacking. So I decided to work with good artists, while I focus on writing. I started saving up money to hire artists for issue 2. And I am glad I did! It has been a great pleasure working with such talented artists.

7 stories have been completed for issue 2, all of which are available to read on GEP’s website. Only 1 more story left to complete for issue 2. Almost there.

The digital version of issue 2 will be available at the end of February, and the printed version will be available by the end of March 2011.

Issue 3 and GEP TPB Volume 1

I have started planning stories for issue 3, and will start on the scripts within the next week. The illustrations for each script will start as soon as I have enough funds to hire artists.

I am hoping issue 3 will be completed by the end of April 2011. The digital version will be available first, and the printed version about 4 weeks after that.

GEP TPB (trade paperback) Volume 1 will contain issue 1, 2 and 3. The TPB will be available in print about 2 weeks after issue 3 is available in print.

Why do you need $2700?

This is based on the amount of $2100 which I spent to produce issue 2, plus extra to cover printing and shipping perks to funders, plus the 4% fee for IndieGoGo and the 3.9% fee for Paypal.

How will the money be used?

The money will primarily be used to hire artists for issue 3, and to print and ship perks to funders.

What if you don’t meet your $2700 goal?

I will take the same road I took for issue 2, by saving up money. But this time it will take much longer, as my monthly expenses have increased. Any funding received will be greatly appreciated, and it will make the journey easier.

What if you make more than $2700?

The extra funds will contribute to future issues, starting with issue 4.

What’s the comic like?

It is awesome, filled with brilliant art and unique and creative ideas! It will get even better with each issue. But do not just take my biased opinion, judge for yourself by reading the 7 completed stories for issue 2 on GEP’s website.

How else can we help?

Please spread the word by directing people to this page. Share the link by posting it on Facebook, forums, Twitter and email.

Are you doing this alone?

No, at the moment my roles are writer and editor. A total of 11 artists have worked on issue 2. Eventually I will hire other writers and editors, and publish creator owned content. But first GEP needs to obtain financial success and popularity before it can be a benefit to creators who want to publish their works in it.

And of course, there are also the funders of GEP.


Here are links to the 7 completed stories for issue 2:
Icky Fable
Widow Maker
Kung Fu Season
Vigilante Sagas: Enter Elise
Monster Buddy
Copper Thieves

PS: If you contribute, you may email me a photo of yourself (or your pets or collection of toys) holding or standing next to a sign which reads “I supported GEP on IndieGoGo!”. (Or “We supported GEP on IndieGoGo!”). I will post the photos in the gallery and on GEP’s website. Please keep the photos safe for all ages.