The first issue of our new series, GEP Pulp is available in digital format!

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What’s the difference between GEP and GEP Pulp?
Like GEP, GEP Pulp is also an anthology series. The major differences are that GEP Pulp is shorter (8 pages) and in black and white. GEP often has one or more stories in a single issue, whereas Pulp will often have a story which spans over multiple issues.

GEP Pulp #1 contains part 1 of The Centaurus Curse, a sci-fi horror.
Rie goes for a holiday to the planet Centaurus Terra, in the Alpha Centauri system. There she is involved in an accident. She returns to Earth, bearing a terrible curse.

Art by Silvina Rinaldi
Cover by Michael Smith
Story by Diorgo Jonkers

The printed version will be available in August.

GEP Pulp Issue #1

The Centaurus Curse - Part 1