GEP (Gojo Entertainment Presents) is an anthology comic book series. Each issue contains one or more short stories. The stories are all fiction and include action, adventure, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, crime, drama and super heroes.

This website is the on-line version of GEP. Here you will find short stories which have been printed in GEP, and a few still to be printed. Those not yet printed are marked as “(Not Yet Printed)”. These will be printed when enough have been created to fill an issue of 24 pages. Occasionally the printed version may contain a story not available on this site, and sometimes a sequel to an on-line one.

We hope you enjoy our comic, and please send us feedback. We may not have time to respond to all, due to our busy schedules, but we appreciate all feedback.

Please use the following email if you would like to contact us:

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